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Get On The Bus and Take TENNIS to School


Enrich the lives of students through tennis. Tennis is the ideal sport to help achieve the health and wellness goals of schools, and the Charlotte Tennis Association is the ideal partner to assist in bringing tennis to students.

When you bring tennis into the school, whether at the elementary, middle or high school level, the benefits to the students transcend the boundaries on the court. You will help students build self-confidence, learn teamwork and sportsmanship as well as lead healthy lifestyles. Now bringing tennis to school is easier than ever, with resources and training available through the CTA.

School Tennis Overview
The USTA has developed a cutting edge in-school curriculum and teacher training program to help educators feel more comfortable offering tennis in school settings. Additionally, the USTA has partnered with tennis equipment suppliers and manufactures to assist schools in obtaining equipment at discounted prices. For more information, contact


  • The free three-hour teacher workshops are designed to show physical educators and extracurricular program leaders how to conduct quality tennis units and activities for Kids Tennis Clubs.
  • The workshop also includes class management techniques, basic tennis skills, station activities, supervised play formats and Tennis Skillastics activities.
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a participant guide.
  • The School/After school tennis workshop often meets school district requirements for continuing education credits.

Tennis in PE Curriculum

  • The USTA School Tennis curriculum kit was designed in collaboration with Dr. Robert Pangrazi.
  • The curriculum kit includes eight lesson plans based on NASPE standards, as well as, an instructional DVD and a CD with station signs and a teacher’s handbook.
  • The lesson plans and activities were created for teaching tennis without tennis courts.
  • Modified tennis equipment including easy-to-rally tennis balls and portable nets make the game fun and engaging.
Tennis Equipment Loaner Packages
  • The CTA offers loaner equipment packages consisting of junior racquets, low compression balls, throw-down lines, and station signs.Equipment packages are available to elementary and middle schools that want to implement tennis to their PE classes.
  • Discounted equipment and equipment grants are also available for qualifying schools looking to purchase equipment. 
  • For more information about equipment offers contact Jeff Beard at

Testimonials...See what schools are saying about school tennis

  • Remarks and photos from PE teachers in Charlotte:  
"Jeff - the link below to our school website shows pictures of our students enjoying the tennis equipment you loaned us. I thought you might get a kick out of it. Thanks again".
John Cherry, Winding Springs Elementary School



Kids’ Tennis Clubs

  • A program that allows students to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive activities in a safe and open play setting.
  • Kids’ Tennis Clubs can be located at a school, park and recreation center or tennis facility, and the play area can be a gym, blacktop or multi-purpose room.
  • USTA organizational members that register their Kids Tennis Clubs are eligible to apply for the USTA Southern Kids’ Tennis Club matching equipment grant.
  • To sign up your Kids Tennis Club, click here.
  • To order merchandise for your Kids Tennis Club, click here