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Why Tennis?
Research has found that early positive experiences in sports create a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle. Tennis is fun for kids of all ages and levels; with minimal risk of injury the sport provides many social, health, and psychological benefits.



10 and Under Tennis
10 and Under Tennis uses kid-sized courts and equipment. Balls bounce lower and travel slower through the air and are easier to hit. Racquets are lighter and sized for small hands. Court dimensions are smaller and easier to cover. By using this format, the benefits are immediate and within a short time, kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. Kids are having more fun and feeling less frustration.


USTA Junior Team Tennis
For junior players, CTA offers Junior Team Tennis in the spring and fall. Junior Team Tennis is a 7 to 9 week program of team practice and match play for youth ages 6 to 18. Teams are comprised of players of similar age and ability and compete against other teams from the same area in one of several divisions - from 8&U Beginner to 18&U Advanced. There are approximately 100 junior teams playing each season in Charlotte.


USTA Junior Tournaments
Junior Tournaments are great for kids who want to test their games, get out on the court and make new friends along the way. There is local competition for kids of all levels — entry-level, intermediate and advanced. USTA Junior Tournaments are offered in a variety of formats, which allows kids to compete in a way that makes them feel comfortable, that matches their level of play and helps them to experience success. The CTA will host four USTA Sanctioned 
tournaments in 2019!