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Winter/Spring USTA Adult League
2023 Season

USTA League tennis is a great way to get to know and play with people of your same skill level.

The Adult League includes 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over and 65 & Over leagues. Teams compete locally to progress from Local to State to Sectional to National championship play. These men and women's teams provide competitive play from 2.5 to 5.5 skill levels through the NTRP Tennis Rating System.

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Age Group NTRP Level Format Min # of Players Max # of Players Advance To
18 & Over 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 2 Singles,
3 Doubles
8 15 Nationals
2.5 Women, 5.0 1 Singles,
2 Doubles
5 15 Nationals
2.5 Men 1 Singles,
2 Doubles
5 15 Sectionals
5.5 1 Singles,
2 Doubles
5 15 States
40 & Over 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 1 Singles,
3 Doubles
7 15


40 & Over 2.5 (women), 5.0 3 Doubles 6 15 States
55 & Over 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 9.0 3 Doubles 6 15 Nationals
65 & Over 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 3 Doubles 6 15 Sectional Invitational
  • 9.0 NTRP level: May pair a 4.0 and 5.0 players however, players cannot be more than 1.0 NTRP level apart.



Below are the key dates for all age groups. 

 Team Registration Begins All Age Groups January 1
 New Captains Meeting All New Captains Tentative Date: February 11 at 10:00am
at Olde Providence Racquet Club
 Mandatory Captains Meeting All Captains

Tentative Dates:
February 15 at 6:30 via Zoom
February 16 at 10:00am at Olde Providence Racquet Club

 Team Registration Ends All Age Groups Wednesday, February 1
 Season Starts* All Age Groups February 19
Play Concluded By 65 & Over April 24
55 & Over May 15
18 & Over, 40 & Over May 29
 Last Day to Add Players All Age Groups April 16
 Local Championships All Age Groups Check Player Resources Page
for Championship Schedule
 State Championships 65 & Over May 12-14 (Greenville)
55 & Over June 2-4 (Asheville)
18 & Over June 15-18 (Lake Norman)
40 & Over June 22-25 (Charlotte)

*Season start date is dependent on the number of teams that register in each flight. Team will have at least 6 matches and as many as 10.



Click here for the days of play schedule.



All players must be current USTA members in order to participate on USTA League teams. Click here for information on USTA membership and benefits.



Players should verify and update their contact information listed on their USTA Membership Profile. Phone and email information on your profile will be used for all communications regarding league play. Captains will also have access to each others phone/email information via TennisLink throughout the season. Email addresses are provided in TennisLink for ease of initiating communications with opposing team Captains. Captains only have access in TennisLink to email contacts for Captains in their flights/divisions and for privacy reasons may only use those email contacts for communicating about arrangements for scheduled matches. If this data is not current, we cannot guarantee that you will receive information in a timely manner. 


TennisLink has a new feature called Communication Center. This feature allows League Coordinators and Captains to send messages to participants who have subscribed to receive messages. To access Communication Center for Leagues click here. Whey players register for a league team they should be sure to check the box to 'Receive announcements and communications related to this league via email and/or text message.'



  • When registering on TennisLink, you are required to set up your team using the following naming convention: 
    • First initial of first name, last name, facility name
    • Example: John Doe with Jeff Adams as home courts; Team Name is JDoe (Jeff Adams)
  • Captains, click here to register your team now on TennisLink.
  • Be sure that you opt in to receive communications from the Local League Coordinator pertaining to the League.



  • In order to register you will need: the team number, your USTA number, and a credit card for payment. If you do not have an NTRP Rating, you will be asked to self-rate by answering a series of questions. If you are not satisfied with your rating, you may appeal at that time.
  • Once your captain has created a team online he/she will provide you with a team number.
  • Players, click here to register on a team.
  • Be sure that you opt in to receive communications from the Local League Coordinator pertaining to the League.


Are you a new player looking to join a USTA team? Click here to submit an online request. You will be contacted if there's an opening that fits your profile. If you do not know your level of play (NTRP Tennis Rating System), click here to review the guidelines and identify which best fits your play.



Click here to submit an online request. You will be contacted if we have players for your team.


  • Players playing out of private tennis facilities: $25.15
  • Players playing out of public tennis facilities: $39.44 (includes public court use fee).

Courts fees for public park teams are now included in the online TennisLink registration fee. Therefore, when registering your team on TennisLink, please be sure to select the appropriate Flight labeled "Public Teams" or "Private Teams." If you will be playing out of a private facility, choose the "Private Teams" option. If you will be playing out of a public park facility, please choose the "Public Teams" option.

Through the February 1, 2023 team registration deadline, all players ("private" and "public") will use the team number assigned to captains at the time they created their team in TennisLink.

After February 1, players on private facility teams will continue to register using the team number assigned to their captains, however, players on public park teams will need to register using the following Public Park Late Registration team numbers:

  • 18 & Over;
  • 40 & Over;
  • 55 & Over;
  • 65 & Over;

Once players on public park teams have registered using the Public Park Late Registrations team number, they must send an email to the League Coordinator at to provide the information listed below in order to be transferred to the appropriate team. 

  • Age division
  • Rating Level
  • Day of Play
  • Your Captains Name
  • Team Number


Refund requests must be submitted via email to the League Coordinator, and must be received prior to the team's first scheduled match of the season. A refund will be issued less the $3.15 TennisLink fee for club players and $3.44 for public park players. If the registration payment included a public court fee, that amount will be refunded as well. Click here to see the entire Charlotte Metro League Refund Policy, including for cancellation due to COVID-19.



Space at the public parks will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, which is based on date of online registration. Some teams may be asked to select an alternate location depending on team capacity at certain sites. Click here for Public court availability.



Click here for league specific and general information to assist captains and players with their team responsibilities. Throughout the season, announcements and updates will be posted on this site.



Click here for driving directions to area tennis facilities participating in USTA League.