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Fall Combo Doubles

Welcome to the
2014 Fall USTA Southern Combo Doubles Season

The Fall USTA Southern Combo Doubles League is one of the fastest growing adult programs in the USTA's Southern Section. This program features Men's and Women's teams playing 3 doubles matches. The doubles teams use a combined NTRP rating that does not exceed the level on which they are playing. The unique format is what makes the COMBO DOUBLES league so fun! It also offers the chance to play with different people and to make new friends. 

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Age Groups NTRP Level Format Minimum # of Players Maximimum # of Players Advance To
18 & Over 5.0, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 3 Doubles 6 15 Sectional
40 & Over 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5  Sectional
55 & Over 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 Sectional
65 & Over 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 State


Combo Combined Level Highest Rating a Player May Have
5.0 2.5
5.5 3.0
6.5 3.5
7.5 4.0
8.5 4.5
9.5 5.0
10.5 5.5

Players may not be rated higher as in the chart below, but may play with any level below that rating. (Example: A 2.5 player may be partnered with a 4.0 player on a 7.5 team.)



Below are the key dates for all age groups. 

Team Registration Begins All Age Groups July 1
Team Registration Ends All Age Groups July 27
New Captains Meeting All Age Groups July 26th at 11am
Olde Providence Racquet Club
*Season Length All Age Groups August 11 - October 12
Last Day to Add Players All Age Groups September 21
Local Playoffs Click here for local playoff schedule and guidelines
State Championships 40 & Over, 65 & Over November 6-9; Wilmington, NC
18 & Over, 55 & Over November 13-16; Wilmington, NC

*Season length is dependent on the number of teams that register in each flight. Team will have at least 6 matches and as many as 12. Teams should be prepared to play the entire length of the season.    



All players must be current members of the USTA in order to participate on league teams. For membership information, click here.



Click here for the days of play schedule.



  • When registering on TennisLink, you are required to set up your team based on the below naming convention. Please do not make up a team name; the format below is required.
    • First letter is always a 'M'
    • Second letter is first letter in your first name
    • Third/Fourth letters are first two letters in last name
    • Last Name 
    • Facility Name — Example: John Doe with Jeff Adams as home courts-Team Name is MJDO-Doe(Jeff Adams)
  • Click here for information on public court assignments.
  • Captains, click here to register your team now on Tennislink.



  • In order to register you will need: the team number, your USTA number, and a credit card for payment. If you do not have an NTRP Rating, you will be asked to self-rate by answering a series of questions. If you are not satisfied with your rating, you may appeal at that time.
  • Once your captain has created a team online he/she will provide you with a team number.
  • Players, click here to register on a team.



Are you a new player looking to join a USTA team? Click here to submit an online request. You will be contacted if there's an opening that fits your profile. If you do not know your level of play (NTRP Tennis Rating System), click here to review the guidelines and identify which best fits your play.



Click here to submit an online request. You will be contacted if we have players for your team.



Courts fees for public park teams are now included in the online TennisLink registration fee. Therefore, when registering your team on TennisLink, please be sure to select the appropriate Flight labeled "Public Teams" or "Club Teams." If you will be playing out of a private facility, choose the "Club Teams" option. If you will be playing out of a public park facility, please choose the "Public Teams" option.

Through the July 27, 2014 team registration deadline, all players (club and public) will use the team number assigned to captains when they created their teams in TennisLink.

After July 27th, club players will continue to register using the team number assigned to their captains, however, public players will need to register using the following generic team numbers:

  • 18 & Over:
  • 40 & Over;
  • 55 & Over;

Once public players have registered using the generic team number, they will need to email the league coordinator at to then be transferred to the appropriate team. This email should contain the following information.

  • Age division
  • Rating Level
  • Day of Play
  • Your Captains Name
  • Team Number



Refund requests must be submitted via email to the League Coordinator, and must be received prior to the team's first match of the season. A refund will be issued less the $3 TennisLink fee. If the registration payment included a public court fee, that amount will be refunded as well.



Home court assignments at public park facilities are based on availability of the selected site on the date of online registration. The League Coordinator will ask teams to choose an alternate location if a selected site is already at capacity. Click here for a ist of public court availability.



Click here for league specific and general information to assist captains and players with their team responsibilities. Throughout the season, announcements and updates will be posted on this site.



Click here for driving directions to clubs and facilities participating in USTA league play.