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Tennis Ball Earn points for challenges to move higher on the ladder. Points are awarded to players based on set scores and player ranking position (even if you lose, you may still gain points and move up).

Tennis BallArrange matches online by challenging others on your ladder or posting your availability to play on a designated date/time.

Tennis BallSet your own matches at your convenience and play as often as you want, wherever you want.

Tennis BallActivity is the key to this program. Players must continue to play challenges in order to gain points and maintain or improve your ranking. Anyone who does not play will automatically fall in the rankings.

Tennis BallNew computer rankings will be generated each week based on matches played during the week. Players can view their updated rankings online each Monday.

College Ladder Divisions and Levels

College (Rising Freshmen-Seniors)
Men’s Intermediate
Men’s Advanced (4.0 and above)
Women’s Intermediate
Women’s Advanced (4.0 and above)

Ladder Scoring Format
Matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets, with a match tiebreaker played in lieu of the third set

Ladder Dates
June 15 through August 9 / 8 weeks of unlimited match play opportunity
Online Registration Deadline June 5 (Opens May 8)

Ladder Fee

Ladder Registration
Registration is a two step process. Create an account by clicking on "Registration/Log-In" on the menu to the left, then click on the "Pay Online" option on the menu to the left. Once your payment is received, your registration will be approved.

Awards for the Top Finisher on Each Ladder!

For more information click on "Junior Challenge Ladder" on the menu to the left of your screen or contact Brendan O'Connor at