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Challenge Ladder FAQs
Challenge Ladder FAQs
Q:    Once I log into the system and click on the ladders, the system tells me that my "session expired".
A:    This has something to do with how your computer is set up to accept "cookies".  For more information on this, please visit the website: click on Cookies.
Q:    Can I change ladders during the season?
A:    You cannot change ladders once the season begins, but if you realize that you might be on the wrong ladder, you can choose to play on another ladder, but you would have to pay for that extra division, and you would remain on both.
Q:    Why doesn't it say "Challenge" by my name on the ladder?
A:    You can't challenge yourself so you don't see that button.
Q:    Why does it say 12:00am on all my proposals?
A:    You are entering the day/time incorrectly when trying to issue a challenge.  Please refer to the instructions for the proper way.
Q:    I haven't been receiving emails from proposals — am I not on the list anymore?
A:    In many divisions, the email function of the proposals has been turned off so players would not be inundated with emails. You will need to go to the proposal board to see available proposals.
Q:    After issuing a proposal, the Proposal board has a "cancel" next to it -- has it been canceled?
A:    Only YOU see a "cancel" button next to your proposals because if you change your mind, you can cancel the proposal — you can only cancel your own proposals.
Q:    After accepting a proposal, it has an "unaccept" by the proposal — did I do something wrong?
A:    You have the option of unaccepting a proposal if you realize that you really can't play that match. That way, the proposal will still be out there for someone else to accept.  If you unaccept a proposal, you must let the challenger know right away so they know it's open again.
Q:    After entering a match, the system shows a "delete" next to it — was the match deleted?
A:    Only YOU see a "delete" next to your own matches (and only YOUR matches) because if there is something wrong with the match, you have the option of deleting it and starting over, or if it is a duplicate match, you can delete it. If there is a small error, you can click on the match and make a change.
Q:    The system shows that I have played 5 matches, but the rankings page shows that I have only played 3.
A:    The system updates every Sunday night, so two of those matches must have been entered after Sunday.
Q:    I can only play in the evening. How can I find players that are available for evening matches?
A:    Use the Proposal function by putting out an evening match, or "email all participants" asking who the players are who play in the evening. We are working on having this information available for all players in the future.
Q:    I only want to play matches on my side of town. How do I quickly find players that will play matches in my area?
A:  Use the Proposal function by putting out a match with a location you prefer, or "email all participants" asking who the players are who play in your area. We are working on having this information available for all players in the future.