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Ladder Access/Login
All Ladder participants must have a current user profile in order to access the CTA Challenge Ladder program.  Players who participated over the past three years should have an existing user profile. All other participants must create a new profile.* Once a player has created their user profile, it will remain in effect for all future seasons. Players may make updates to their profile as needed (i.e., change phone number/email address/password).
Before a player can participate in the CTA Challenge Ladder, the following steps must be completed:
1) Click on "Player Registration" on the menu option to the left. Complete the Registration Form and click Submit.  You will automatically be forwarded to PayPal to complete the payment process. You will have the option to pay through your PayPal account or by using a credit card. You will immediately receive an email notification confirming your payment.
2) Click on "New Account" above if you are a new participant or former player who does not have a current user profile.  Setting up your user profile will create a "join request."  Your join request will remain pending until the CTA Challenge Ladder Coordinator confirms payment and accepts the join request.  When the join request is accepted, you will receive an email notification.
*If you are not sure whether you have a  user profile from a previous season, you may attempt to login and verify your access, or check with the CTA Challenge Ladder Coordinator.  If your login works, you may continue to use it.  If not, you must create a new one.